Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tulle Pom Pom Tutorial

These tulle pom poms are one of my latest obsessions.  I know I love a craft when I offer to make more for friends, and these puff balls are no exception.  I originally made them for the Sugar & Spice Baby Shower that you can check out here
cardboard frames to wrap the tulle around 
4 yards of tulle for large pom poms
2 yards of tulle for smaller pom poms

Here's how I did it!
First, I traced around bowls I had in my kitchen to make two frames for the pom poms onto cardboard.  {Thick tagboard works really well too.}  The larger one is 12 inches in diameter and the smaller one is 10 & 1/2 inches in diameter.  You can make whatever size you want, depending on the size of pom pom you're going to make.

Don't forget to cut out a hole in the center of the frame.  
Next, loop ribbon around the hole and tie it in a very loose knot.  Then tape the edges down. 
 For the larger pom pom, I used 4 yards of tulle.  The smaller ones use 2 yards of tulle.  I cut them into strips anywhere from 3 to 4 inches wide.  This doesn't have to be exact.
Then, take the strips of tulle and wrap them through the center hole and around the frame.  
 A little tip to make your pom poms look really clean and neat, is to trim the strips that are hanging over the edge of the frame, as you go.  {Do you see the ones sticking out at the top and the left side...I should have trimmed those off before I went to the next step.}
 This next step is my favorite!  Take some sharp scissors and trim around the outside edge of the frame to cut all of that fluffy tulle loose. 
Don't you just love the puffiness!  :)
Then I scrunched the tulle together to make sure the loose ends were trimmed.  This is why it's important to trim as you go, like I mentioned before.
 Now, untape the ribbon and pull the loose knot you tied and taped earlier REALLY tight around the tulle. I'd give it your best Girl Scout knot!  You don't want this coming loose.
 Now you've just got to gently pull it through, and you're done!
 They look so cute hanging from the ceiling in a baby's nursery, a classroom, at an outdoor party...you name it!
 We hung them over the food at the shower, and they added just the right touch!
If you think these look like fun to make, give them a try!  They are really easy and only take about 20 minutes to make each one.  
They are the perfect way to make the world a cuter place!

Have fun!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sugared Plumb Boutique Headband Tutorial YOU CAN DO THIS!

As promised- Here is the tutorial for the headband from the last post. It is not as hard as it looks! And I am going to list all my favorite places for supplies! These make fantastic baby shower gifts, and are very addicting! 

******If you are not the crafty type- this set (Headband and Necklace) has been donated to an auction benefitting the family of Amber Roussel, a mother who lost her life last week in a tragic car accident. You can view all of the items up for bid here. This necklace and Headband are here.

Our hearts go out to this family, and anyone who has experienced a loss such as this! Truly heartbreaking!******

If you want something similar to this, feel free to message me at Little Black Goose

Okay PJ Crafters- HERE WE GO!


*6"x18" Strip of synthetic fabric of your choice (I am using fabric from Joann's Project Runway collection from last spring- but any will do- as long as it melts when exposed to heat)

*French Netting- Joann's (Usually found with the bridal trims)

*Ribbon- Hobby Lobby has a great selection! Including velvet ribbons, which I love!

*Rhinestone embellishments- Simply Sassy Source One of the best places I have found for these. Huge selection and very reasonable prices!

*Feathers- most craft stores. Mine is a piece of a feather boa.

*Fold Over Elastic- Bitsybands.com

*Pearls- I think these were from Ross, but any craft store carries these little embellishments.

*Tulle- Hobby Lobby

*Scrap of felt

*Glue Gun

 Step 1

Cut your strip of fabric into thirds so that you have three 6x6 inch squares. Round the corners a bit so that they are somewhat circular. THIS DOES NOT NEED TO BE PERFECT! A little variation adds to the flowers character. 
Next, cut slits in the fabric towards the center so that you have "petals".

Step 2:

CAREFULLY run the edges of the flower over a flame to melt them and give the effect of "petals". This will also seal them so that they won't fray. Be careful not to touch the parts that have melted. They take a few seconds to cool, and can be extremely hot!

Stack your petals like this:
I scrunched the top petal up a bit for texture.

I also added some tulle between the middle and bottom layer to give it some body.

Carefully glue the layers together with your glue gun.

 Step 3:
Cut a piece of the feather boa and fold it in half. glue your flower onto the boa. Use plenty of glue, and be careful not to burn yourself!

I had some glittery netting in my stash, so I cut some strips for embellishment, but this is optional and could be done with ribbon or whatever you like. I folded my strips in half and glued them to the back of the flower.

I also tucked another little piece of netting between the flower and the feathers.

Step 4:
The Velvet Bow.

Cut a 7", 5 1/2" and two 6" pieces of ribbon. Cut the 6" pieces into a "v" on the end and run them over a flame to heat seal them so they don't fray.

Fold the other two pieces in half and secure the ends with glue.
Stack them and glue them together.

Cut the other pieces in half and glue them to the under side of your bow.

Attach your fold over elastic headband to the back of the flower and secure with glue. 

You can fancy up the front any way you like. You can do a big rhinestone center, or a cluster of pearls. Both very simple pretty options. I chose to get a piece of French Netting and tie the center with some sparkly glitter ribbon. I glued that down and then added a rhinestone embellishment, clusters of pearls, and a little bow.

Glue your velvet bow (topped in the center with another rhinestone embellishment) next to the flower, and cover the back with a piece of felt to give it a finished look and add strength.
Trim anything that looks like it needs trimming, and viola! You are finished!!!!

If you try this craft, we would LOVE to see your creations! Please share a photo on our Facebook Page! Isn't it fun to inspire each other?

Happy Crafting!!!

XO~ Laura

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Product Review: Swanky Baby Vintage Leggings

After a STRING of little boys, last year our little family was BLESSED with an adorable pink bundle! And OH MY! I am having SO much fun dressing our little princess! I can't get enough of the ruffles, lace and delicate pastels!

When I was approached by Smart And Sassy Looks (a fabulous online retailer that carries all the cutest boutique brands) to try out a pair of leggings I was SO excited! After all, aren't FREE CLOTHES the way to a girl's heart? :)

After a personal phone call from Smart and Sassy (Seriously, the BEST customer service EVER!) I received a package with not one, but TWO pairs of Swanky Baby Vintage leggings to try! So then I was DOUBLE excited!

Here are my thoughts:

The Brand:

I LOVE Swanky Baby Vintage! Their clothes are absolutely adorable- and the price point is lower than a lot of other boutique brands. Such a great choice for every day wear. Super soft and comfy. Lots of stretchy knits. Great brand!

The Fit:

Most of the clothes run true to size, in my opinion. The leggings tend to run small, however. I like to get the capri length leggings and size up quite a bit so they fit like pants. I am buying size Medium (4/5) for my little one, and she wears 24 months or 2 in most clothing. Pay attention to the measurements the website lists when deciding on your size!


SO- I was asked to compare the Triple Ruffle Leggings with the Scrunch Leggings. What a tough job:)!

This is the first time I have tried the Scrunch Leggings. I always think I will get some, and then I see those ruffles and I just can't help myself!!! I mean THREE ruffles??? It is so very distracting!

So I gave the Scrunch Leggings a try and, not surprisingly, I liked them (I think Lo liked them, too!). They are soft, and cute and simply sweet. They are just perfect if you have an extra fancy top that you want to take center stage, or if you are thinking of tucking them into boots for the fall. If you have some extra adorable shoes you want to show off, these pants are for you!

If you are going for over-the-top, then try the Triple Ruffles. You won't be disappointed! They give that "wow factor". Beware though: You will be stopped everywhere you go by people who want to OOO and AAAHH over your little princess- if you're into that sort of thing:).

The Bottom Line:

I will definitely buy more of the Scrunch Leggings in the future- but I would bet I will always have twice as many Triple Ruffles in little Lo's closet! I just can't help myself!!!

****The best part is, Swanky Baby's summer line "Candy Coated Carnival" is now 25% off. If you are shopping at Sweet and Sassy it will reflect the discount at check out. Happy Crafting Shopping! :)

XO~ Laura

P.S. If you like the headband little Lo is wearing, you're in luck! A tutorial for the Sugared Plumb headband is coming your way! Stay tuned.....

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weekend Pajama Party: Tulle Rosette Topiary

You might recognize this topiary from my friend Katie's baby shower that I posted a few weeks ago. {You can see it HERE.} It goes along with THIS matching wreath.  I love how soft and girly  it turned out.  Here's how I did it!
 I made the rosettes using THESE instructions and then tucked a piece of light green tulle behind the rosettes to add just a touch of contrast.  {Using pearlized corsage pins adds a fancy touch.}
 I made a variety of roses by varying how tight I wrapped the tulle.  I like the bigger rosettes for the look of this topiary, plus the bigger the roses, the fewer you have to make.
I used this cute box I got at Tai Pan a few months ago and painted it cream. 
Next, I wrapped some tulle around the stem and tied a bow around the top. 
Finally, I pinned green tulle at the base to cover the Styrofoam bottom.
Super easy and so beautiful!  
Another fun version I can't wait to make is a red one and add some bling for Christmas or Valentine's Day!  I'm feeling a Pajama Crafting Day coming on already!  :)

Have fun making the world a cuter place!

~ Cindy Jane

Tulle Rosette Tutorial

These tulle rosettes are SO easy to make and can be used in a variety of projects like this wreath and this topiary.  Here's how you can do it too!
I cut tulle into 3 - 4 inch strips....lots and lots and lots of strips!  The easiest way to do it is to fold the tulle {lengthwise} into fourths, kind of bunch it together, and then cut. 
You'll end up with a strip that is about 2 yards long and 3 - 4 inches wide.
 I'm right handed, so I held onto the tulle with my left thumb and started wrapping it. 
 Then I loosely turned it until it looked like this...it took about 5 wraps.
Next, I formed the "bud" of the flower.  I gently unwrapped it from my fingers and held onto it with my thumb.  Then I wrapped the tulle around one side a few times, and then gradually turned it like I was making a ball of tulle...because really that IS all you're going to do! 
See!  I told you it was simple.  :)
The only tricky part is if you need a lot of flowers, so it makes a perfect tv project. 
Just remember, the tighter you wrap the tulle, the smaller the rose and vise versa.  I like to have a variety of sizes when I do projects like this.
 When you've wrapped all the tulle, put a corsage pin in the center and you're done!

Have fun making these gorgeous roses &
making the world a cuter place!

~Cindy Jane