Thursday, August 2, 2012

Product Review: Swanky Baby Vintage Leggings

After a STRING of little boys, last year our little family was BLESSED with an adorable pink bundle! And OH MY! I am having SO much fun dressing our little princess! I can't get enough of the ruffles, lace and delicate pastels!

When I was approached by Smart And Sassy Looks (a fabulous online retailer that carries all the cutest boutique brands) to try out a pair of leggings I was SO excited! After all, aren't FREE CLOTHES the way to a girl's heart? :)

After a personal phone call from Smart and Sassy (Seriously, the BEST customer service EVER!) I received a package with not one, but TWO pairs of Swanky Baby Vintage leggings to try! So then I was DOUBLE excited!

Here are my thoughts:

The Brand:

I LOVE Swanky Baby Vintage! Their clothes are absolutely adorable- and the price point is lower than a lot of other boutique brands. Such a great choice for every day wear. Super soft and comfy. Lots of stretchy knits. Great brand!

The Fit:

Most of the clothes run true to size, in my opinion. The leggings tend to run small, however. I like to get the capri length leggings and size up quite a bit so they fit like pants. I am buying size Medium (4/5) for my little one, and she wears 24 months or 2 in most clothing. Pay attention to the measurements the website lists when deciding on your size!


SO- I was asked to compare the Triple Ruffle Leggings with the Scrunch Leggings. What a tough job:)!

This is the first time I have tried the Scrunch Leggings. I always think I will get some, and then I see those ruffles and I just can't help myself!!! I mean THREE ruffles??? It is so very distracting!

So I gave the Scrunch Leggings a try and, not surprisingly, I liked them (I think Lo liked them, too!). They are soft, and cute and simply sweet. They are just perfect if you have an extra fancy top that you want to take center stage, or if you are thinking of tucking them into boots for the fall. If you have some extra adorable shoes you want to show off, these pants are for you!

If you are going for over-the-top, then try the Triple Ruffles. You won't be disappointed! They give that "wow factor". Beware though: You will be stopped everywhere you go by people who want to OOO and AAAHH over your little princess- if you're into that sort of thing:).

The Bottom Line:

I will definitely buy more of the Scrunch Leggings in the future- but I would bet I will always have twice as many Triple Ruffles in little Lo's closet! I just can't help myself!!!

****The best part is, Swanky Baby's summer line "Candy Coated Carnival" is now 25% off. If you are shopping at Sweet and Sassy it will reflect the discount at check out. Happy Crafting Shopping! :)

XO~ Laura

P.S. If you like the headband little Lo is wearing, you're in luck! A tutorial for the Sugared Plumb headband is coming your way! Stay tuned.....


  1. We love your blog and pictures so much! Thank you more than words can say! We are so delighted to see your Princess and have "met" you! We love to talk someone into trying something different, I find myself ordering the same thing I love to eat... so I completely understand eyeing something else that looks good but sticking to what you know and love. Now you have a second love! Many Thanks for sharing your adorable little one and kind words! Amazing photography and I need to know more about this headband!!! A tutorial isn't going to help me... we need to know if they are for sale, the "less than crafty" ones will want to know!

    1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! That was WAY too much fun! It was great to try something new- the only problem is that now I know what I have been missing! We had a blast with this little project!

      The headband and necklace are being donated to an auction that I will link up to in the bow tutorial. If you are not very crafty, you can purchase it there and donate to a worthy cause at the same time! I am always available for custom orders in my easy shop, however!

      Thanks again! And keep in touch! It was nice to "meet" you, as well! :):)

      XO~ Laura

    2. That was supposed to say "etsy" shop. Auto-correct strikes again! :)