Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Pajama Party: Tulle Rose Wreath Tutorial

Last week I showed you the Sugar & Spice themed baby shower I threw for my friend Katie. 
{Click HERE if you want to check it out!} 
This wreath was a cotton candy inspired creation that was super easy to make for her sugar infused theme!  I based it off a similar wreath I found here

Here's what I used to make it:
*12 inch Styrofoam wreath base
*Corsage pins - make sure you get long ones!
*11 yards of pink tulle
{The best part of this project was that I realized when you tell a guy you're going to buy tulle, they get all excited and start talking about drills and power saws...and then they get depressed when they realize you aren't talking about power tools.} :)

I wrapped the wreath in some extra fabric so the finished product would look really clean. 
{Plus I wasn't thinking ahead....who buys a green wreath base for pink tulle?!?  I do!  Go with a white wreath base if you have a choice.}
I cut the tulle into 3 - 4 inch strips....lots and lots and lots of strips!  The easiest way to do it is to fold the tulle {lengthwise} into fourths, kind of bunch it together, and then cut. 
You'll end up with a strip that is about 3 yards long and 3 - 4 inches wide.
 I'm right handed, so I held onto the tulle with my left thumb and started wrapping it. 
 Then I loosely turned it until it looked like took about 5 wraps.
Next, I formed the "bud" of the flower.  I gently unwrapped it from my fingers and held onto it with my thumb.  Then I wrapped the tulle around one side a few times, and then gradually turned it like I was making a ball of tulle...because really that IS all you're going to do! 
See!  I told you it was simple.  :)
The only tricky part is you'll need 100+ flowers, so it makes a perfect tv project. 
Just remember, the tighter you wrap the tulle, the smaller the rose and vise versa.  I like to have a variety of sizes when I do projects like this, so no rules apply!
 When you've wrapped all the tulle, put a corsage pin in the center and you're done!
Then poke the flowers in the wreath base!
{This is when the longer corsage pins come in handy so the roses will stay in nice and snug.} 
This is my favorite part by far...does that make me a craft nerd?
{Umm....don't answer that.}
It's kind of like a puzzle to put them in just the right spots.  :)
Don't forget to pin a fancy little hanger on the back of the wreath and you're done!

Here's a close-up of the finished product!  It was totally worth the effort and is going to look so cute in baby Megan's room!  Some of you commented on the baby shower post, you're thinking of making one of these!  If you do, please send pictures.  I'd love to see your finished product too!

Have fun making the world a cuter place!

~ Cindy Jane 


  1. I love easy projects like this that look so pretty when they're all done. Great tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing at Etcetorize this week~

  2. So pretty - and a great tutorial!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. Beautiful! It reminds me of cotton candy. My daughters would love it! :)

  4. It does look like cotton candy. Super cute idea. Visiting from Craft & Tell :)

  5. This is really sweet and fluffy! And it would be easy to alter the colours for different seasons. Thank you for sharing

    The tulle and tool error made me giggle!

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  7. I love this idea! I'm going to start redecorating my little girl's room and this is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  8. It is so pretty and perfect for a shower! I love that it is so simple and doesn't have to be so percise. Thanks for sharing it with us at WIW. We're following you now.

  9. That is so cute! I love how you put the steps with pictures. Thanks!

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  10. GREAT Tutorial, Girl! I've been waiting for this tutorial! LOVE this wreath! Perfect for a baby shower! Thank so much for linking up to Jaihart! Smiles, Jill

  11. I've wondered how you made it :) Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial.


  12. This is beautiful. I will have to pin it for future projects. Thank you so much for linking up to Tasty Thursdays last week. Hope to see you again this week!!
    Nichi - The Mandatory Mooch

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