Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Burlap Wreath

I saw the cutest burlap wreath on Pinterest a few months ago and loved it, but the link didn't come with any instructions. I love a good challenge, so I did some good detective work at the craft store and figured it out.

I bought this wire wreath form at Michael's for about $3.00, which is great since you're getting three wreath forms for the price of one after you take it apart.

I used some tools to take it apart so I could use one of the sections. 

Here it is after I took it apart.

Next I bent back one end to make a hook so the burlap wouldn't fall out when I put it on the wreath. 

On the other side of the circle, I measured 3 inches back and marked it with a piece of tape so the layering of the burlap would be consistent.

Meanwhile, over at the ironing board, I ironed the burlap and then cut it into 4 inch strips.  I used about 4 yards of  burlap that I bought at Joann's for $3.00 a yard.  Just a warning, the burlap is pretty messy.  It sheds all over the place so expect to find little bits floating around for a while.

Then I poked through one side of the burlap, used my line of tape to measure the three inches and then poked the wire frame throught the next section. The next time I put the burlap through, I twisted the burlap half a twist and then poked it through the wire. That is the most important step that gives the burlap fullness.  If you don't do it, your wreath will be floppy and frumpy.

When I felt like the wreath was getting really full, I bent the other end of the wire frame back, so both ends could hook into each other. If you really want to make it sturdy, you can wire the ends shut, but it should be fine.
Then I added a bow and, ta-da, it was finished.  These are super easy to make and cost less than $15.00 to make.  It would be such a fun and unique present to give.  My next project is to make a red one for Valentine's Day.

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