Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beach Inspiration

Warm weather (and Spring Break) came just in time for a weekend trip to southern California with some friends.
I.  Love. The. Beach.  I've needed a beach vacation for about 5 years and I finally got it!  The water was too cold for me to get in, but I LOVED walking up and down the shore picking up shells and checking out their designs and colors. 
(I haven't changed much since I was a kid.)  
All of the shells I collected inspired some new projects...did somebody say mosaics? Get excited! :)
I was born and raised in the desert,
so any time I am able to visit the ocean, I feel spoiled.
I played the tourist role well though and snapped lots of pictures...of sea shells.
I told you I needed a vacation.  :)  But I love the "little things" in life.
This shell had a hitchhiker that caught me by surprise. 
I filled up a bag of shells, but this one got to stay!  Yuck!  :) 
I hated to say goodbye to the warm sand, but when we were done, we got to go shopping.  And guess what I found! 
Not just a Dollar Store, but the Viva Bargain Center! Long live bargains! :)
It wasn't the best one ever, but it did the trick and I got my crafting/bargain fix and some super cute vases I'm going to turn into "milk glass".

Overall, it was such a fun weekend-one I should have taken a long time ago.  It's always good to take a break from life and come back with inspiration to make the world cuter!

Have fun!

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