Monday, February 13, 2012

No Sew Burlap Ruffle Banner

I know Valentine's Day is only a few hours away, but I'm a last minute kind of girl and I have to share this weekend's project!  This banner was really easy to make and the style would be perfect for Valentine's Day or a baby or wedding shower.  Plus, for my fellow sewing-phobic friends out there, the only sewing involved was a few stitches with a needle and thread.  Plus, I used burlap and scrapbook paper from previous projects, so it was free!  (That never happens to me!)  Here's how I did it.

Spray adhesive
Hot glue
Cricut for the letters and the inner paper triangles

Step 1:  I had 2 yards of burlap, and I cut out 3 strips that were 2 inches wide.  Since you'll be ruffling it, 6 yards makes only 6 feet of ruffle.  Click here (and scroll down) to see my tips on cutting burlap in a straight line.  (It's a lifesaver!)
Step 2:  Take one of the center threads and pull it.  Your burlap will start to ruffle. 
When you get about halfway through, pull on a thread at the opposite end and start the ruffle from the other side. Repeat on your other strips. 
Step 3: I cut around a 6 inch triangle I had cut out on my Cricut, leaving some extra room around the edges.  I wasn't worried about being precise on this part.  (I used the George & Basic Shapes cartridge and the triangle is Triangle 2.)

Step 4: Cut out 1 inch strips for the side ruffle.  (I suggest cutting the side ruffles in lengths no longer than 1 foot to help keep the side ruffle perky.)  Follow the same steps as above to make these shorter ruffles.
Step 5: Hot glue the ruffles around the edges of the triangle.
Step 6: Add the paper triangles and letters inside the burlap triangles.  They should fit snugly in the center.  I used Elmer's Glue Spray Adhesive to secure them and it worked perfectly.  The triangles are 5 & 1/4 inches using the same Cricut cartridge and font as above.  I used the Songbird Cricut cartridge in 3 inch letters for the word.
Step 7: Sew the length of the banner together.  I used a string of burlap for my thread and you can't tell it's pieced together.

Step 8: Center your letters and stitch them together!  I also stitched each end of the burlap shut so it didn't come undone.
I think I might be more excited to pull this out for a wedding shower than Valentine's Day!  It would be so cute to make a personalized one for the bride and groom too!  Now I just need one of my friends to get engaged.  : )  Let us know your creative ideas for one of these fun banners!  They definitely make the world a cuter place!

Have fun & Happy Valentine's Day!

~Cindy Jane

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